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Davis Weather Stations
We supply, install and recommend Davis Weather Stations as being of excellent quality and reliability at reasonable prices. As well as being stand alone weather stations their great advantage is that they have an optional memory bank, which can store over 1 month of weather data or which can be automatically interrogated over the internet , by a radio modem or by a cabled modem so you can both watch the weather as it happens and also view and store records of past weather. We can supply various configurations of weather stations for marine, industrial, agricultural and home use, with various sensors. We are also specialists in supplying customised systems using the weather stations and we can supply and install complete systems both mains and solar powered, using a internet connection, cabled modem or radio modems for remote interrogation of the stations for ports, harbours, farms, ships and schools, etc. We have also installed the weather stations for environmental monitoring, to drive alarm lights for container cranes and drive remote displays for harbour offices. Based on our years of experience, we install the stations with the minimum of fuss and disruption in a clean, planned and professional way. We write and maintain our own software packages ; Dolphin Web Weather and PC Weather for Windows, to communicate with the weather stations and we can customise these to any use as required.


A solar powered Weather Station installed on a remote hillside

A solar powered Weather Station installed on a remote hillside by our team


solar powered weather station installed on a quay side

A solar powered weather station installed on a quay side camera unit by our team

Dolphin Web Weather System
Our new Dolphin Web Weather system displays, logs and distributes real time weather data from multiple weather stations to multiple users over the Internet and/or over a Intranet. Web Weather is a economically priced and ideal system for today's world where many staff are based at home, travelling or located in multiple offices. Each staff member can login and view the weather at any location using just a standard web browser. Safety is enhanced by improved decision making and cost savings can also be realised by monitoring the weather and anticipating problems before they are likely to occur. Ideal for Ports, Harbours and remote environmental monitoring etc. Web Weather can be customised to your particular requirements and we can add visibility monitoring and logging, water temperature logging, tidal data logging and monitoring and much more, such as remote cameras from our friendly partner company.

Vantage Pro Weather Station
The Vantage Pro is available in both cabled and wireless versions and features a very compact installation with low power requirements and a comprehensive suite of sensors. Glance at the display to see wind direction and wind speed on the compass rose. Check the barometric trend arrow to see if pressure is rising, falling, or steady. Read inside or outside temperature, wind chill, external humidity, inside humidity or rainfall on the display. Backlit display for easy viewing. Supported by our Dolphin Web Weather and PC Weather for Windows software.


Vantage Pro Console Display

Vantage Pro Console Display

Dolphin Web Weather System display -  for multiple Weather Stations

Dolphin Web Weather System display - for multiple Weather Stations

Trends Graph

PC Weather - Trends Graph


Wind Track Display

PC Weather - Wind Track Display

PC Weather for Windows software customised for onboard ship display (Weather Station at harbour and interrogated automatically by radio from ship before berthing, starting from some 35 miles away).

Onboard ship display

PC Weather - onboard ship display