• Thames AIS equipped vessels.

  • Dusk at Heysham Harbour.

Secure Network AIS Ship Tracker is a secure and easy to use ship tracking system that allows you to securely distribute your AIS data over a computer network and / or the world wide web. It requires only a standard web browser on each users computer. This reasonably priced system will track ships of all sizes which are fitted with AIS (Automatic Identification System) transceivers, now required on all sizeable vessels. Access to the system by each of the users is secure and controlled, making it a very suitable system to aid in VTS (Vessel Traffic Systems) for ports, harbours, pilotage and harbour services which need to comply with the ISPS (International Ship and Port Security) code.

Radar Type Display, from multiple locations and multiple receivers

Secure Network AIS Ship Tracker tracks and gives details of all AIS equipped vessels within range of each receiver (typically 25 to 40 nautical miles for a antenna height of 20 to 30 metres, using a standard antenna). Multiple AIS receivers (using international and local AIS frequencies) and multiple locations can be easily accommodated to provide full coverage of large areas. AIS receivers can be locally connected to the server or by broadband TCP/IP, Wireless (WiFi or DataModem) , leased line or dialup modem.

Image of vessels around Liverpool

Secure Network AIS Ship Tracker includes:

Real-time output of vessel positions and details on a radar style display with selectable range from 0.5 to 96 nautical miles.

Accurate background included for radar display.

Graphic display of all vessel vectors and names.

Interfacing to local and remote AIS receivers by multiple methods.

Easy and secure distribution of AIS data across the world wide web or local network.* Secure access, in line with the ISPS code for ports, harbourmasters, ships and other maritime organisations.

Provision of real time ship information for port organisations reduces the work load for both the VTS (Traffic Control) staff and the Ships Master and Officers, enabling the timely organisation and ordering of services for ships without the need for telephone or radio calls.

Can be used to monitor multiple harbours and coastlines, with optional SMS messages and/or e-mails automatically sent if a ship enters a particular area.

Secure access allows controlled access by Ships' Pilots and Harbourmasters, etc. from home, office or via a mobile computer fitted with GSM or GPRS wireless card, for maximum efficiency in port and harbour operations.

Requires only a standard browser to view; suitable for PC, Mac, Linux, Unix etc. No extra software is needed.

Optional sending of SMS messages at low cost and sending of e-mail messages when a ship enters a given area.

Storage and display of photographs of ships.

Extensive search functions, including Last Seen and Destination Port.

Text and graphic display of multiple vessel details:

  • MMSI Number
  • IMO Number
  • Name
  • Callsign
  • Range and Bearing
  • Navigational status.
  • Rate of turn.
  • Course and speed.
  • Position accuracy.
  • Ship type and cargo.
  • Dimensions.
  • ETA
  • Draught.
  • Destination.

Real time output of data from AIS AtoNs( Aids to Navigation, such as AIS equipped buoys), showing Weather data etc.
Real time output of data from AIS Equipped SAR (Search and Rescue) Aircraft.
Real time output of data from personal and shipborne AIS SARTs (Search and Rescue Transponders).
Real time output of data from both Class A and Class B AIS equipped vessels.
Optional interfacing with Tidal and real time Weather data.
A complete support service is offered for siting and connecting the system, making it very easy to install.
Proven in service.

Detailed view of chosen location(s)

Detailed view of chosen location

Example system diagram

Example system diagram


We can arrange to connect your AIS receivers to a secure guarded server via your broadband internet connection(s) and then you can simply access the displays of the data using a standard browser and a internet or network connection. Alternatively, we can supply the necessary software so that you can set up Secure Network AIS Ship Tracker on your own local network server.

We can customise the software to your exact requirements if you require us to do so. Including more detailed coastal backgrounds, customised calculation of ETA etc

Hardware: (not included with the software)
We can supply a complete package, including software, AIS receivers (see below) and antennas (aerials ) if required, for a complete one stop low cost system. We also offer expert advice on antenna selection and equipment installation. AIS receivers can be locally connected to the server by broadband TCP/IP, Wireless (WiFi or DataModem) , leased line or dialup modem or any combination of these, for ultimate flexibility. We can also advise on or supply solar power kits for all Latitudes, for easy installation of the equipment at optimum height and position to give maximum range.

Installation is quick and simple. The SLR-200 requires a 12/24vDC power source, connection to a PC via the serial port, and connection to an external VHF aerial.

Technical Information:
The SLR-200 is a compact dual channel synthesized VHF receiver designed to receive and decode transmissions from vessels fitted with Class A AIS transceivers.

Cables supplied:
1 Standard serial cable for connection to a PC.
1 NMEA cable to connect the NMEA output from own vessel's GPS receiver to
the SLR200, when used in mobile mode.

Power supply range: 9 - 30 Volts DC
(Suitable for 12 or 24v systems)
Power consumption : 400mW
Physical: Length: 140mm, Width: 120mm, Height: 50mm Weight: 600g
Mounting: Trunnion bracket
Connectors: Antenna: BNC
Output port: 9 pin D socket
Power: 2 pole plug

Chart background images are Reproduced from Admiralty Charts 2182A and 1406 by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office and the UK Hydrographic Office (www.ukho.gov.uk).